End of day 3. I am currently in my cozy Brooklyn loft at 10:30 PM, home earlier than any previous night. That being said, I am excited to go to sleep early tonight. This week has been so draining, but absolutely worth every minute. Meeting people that are successful and know what they are doing is so eye opening, especially a few people in particular that I have met. A lot of my non photo major friends have made side comments such as "Wait, you go to New York City for a week and that counts as a 3 credit course? That's not fair!" But I can absolutely tell you that I have learned so much more than I thought I would. There is no better way to learn than to hear from people in the industry and have them give you advise based on THEIR personal experience. The amount of people I have met and are also willing to personally help me and stay in touch is incredible to me. I feel so amazingly lucky to be an RIT student and on this trip. These few days alone have made me think and realize so much about life as a whole. I promise to write more in depth blogs when I get home and have access to more than just my phone :)