Ahh! It has been so long since I have posted! So here's the deal: I got mono. Yay! I think it was about three weeks ago I started to not feel really well, so I went to a doctor here in the city and they said it sounded like I had mono and to try and get some rest, so I  tried to rest in my apartment here but felt so sick I ended up going home for a while. While I was home I went to another doctor, where they did a blood test that confirmed it was mono. That is why I have not posted in a while, to anyone if you are actually reading my posts on a daily basis. So I went home and slept. A lot. Mono is the worst! I felt so gross all of the time and just wanted to be over it. Although, Tre came to visit me for a few days while I was in Albany, so that was nice. We just watched a LOT of movies and (of course) got Stewart's milkshakes for my sore throat while he was in town. Because, for SOME reason, Rochester does not have any Stewart's, which is sad. 

ANYWAY, I am back in New York City now. Finally! I am still recuperating a bit, considering I didn't do anything but sleep for about two weeks straight, my body is really not used to doing much. But the past three days have been super busy! On Wednesday I was at a shoot for J. McLaughlin, which was a lot of fun. They made a set in the studio which was useful to see, because I have little experience with building sets within a studio. But the model was gorgeous and I loved the photo's that came from it, and the clothes were super cute! 

Yesterday I was on set for GQ! AH! I can't believe I get to be a part of all these fashion shoots, I'm literally getting a taste of my dreams by being there! It's so inspiring! While this shoot might have been the busiest one yet, in my opinion, it was so fun. There were several male models and lots of stylish clothes, of course. It was great to see the shoot take place, because I do not shoot males all that much and have trouble directing them myself whenever I do shoot them, so I think I learned a bit about that yesterday. 

I don't think I have mentioned about my new project on here. I started shooting with my Fuji Instax Mini polaroid camera a lot more, and I am trying to be a much looser photographer by shooting with it. By that, I mean that I am trying to not plan out every little detail when I go out in the city to shoot/explore. I simply am trying to just not think when I shoot and see what comes of it. And this is totally the opposite way of how I alway work when in school. I like to always have ever single detail planned out, how I am going to shoot, where, who, what are they wearing, etc. So we will see what comes of it. But here is a little preview of some of my polaroids so far. 

I'm hoping now that I am back in the city and feeling mostly better to get out and really expand on this project. And to also add some new photos to my portfolio by shooting with my DSLR too, of course. I think I will have some time next week to really kick it into high gear, so fingers crossed for nice weather!