I have officially been in NYC for one week and a day. It has been a great week! This past Wednesday I was on the set for this photo shoot for Seventeen magazine. I'm not sure if I am allowed to give too many details, but it was so fun! Very intense, but still a lot of fun. I got coffee from this shop a few blocks down from the studio called Kava's and then went up on the HighLine, which used to be a subway rail and is now turned into a park! It's really cool and my iced coffee was on point. I helped set up the studio a little bit and learned a lot from the two assistants that were there that day. Most of the time I was hanging out with the digi tech and watching the photos come in as the shoot went on or helping out the assistants in any way I could. I thought I shoot fast but I think there was around 2,000 photos by the end of the shoot! It was fascinating to watch the process of the hair and makeup and the fashion stylist all working together and then seeing how Tom shoots as well. It was a long day but definitely a rewarding one. 

Thursday and Friday I did a various amount of things. After a long day on Wednesday I started out by grabbing my favorite coffee drink from the Starbucks right next to the office (dangerous haha), a large iced caramel macchiato. I went out to do some errands and went to Adorama, a camera store, and wanted to buy everything in sight. I love getting a chance to walk around the city! I also did some more tear sheets after that and headed home around 5. I have a long commute home (a little over an hour usually) and am currently reading Gone Girl while on the subway. 

Friday I got another coffee before the day started (classic, right?). I then got to help edit some of the photos from the shoot on Wednesday! Again, nothing much, but still getting to see them again was awesome. I had lunch out in Union Square, which is really lovely and convenient. Then I went to a meeting with Tom in the garment district to go over some of his newest shots for another magazine spread and some of his personal work. It was such a fantastic experience to meet some of the retouchers that help him out with his photography. I am most definitely not the best at retouching, so getting to see them in action figuring out how to make the photos better was really beneficial. It made me inspired to hopefully someday have my own meetings like that.

Yesterday I hung out with Ben again! We strolled around Central Park because it was a gorgeous day out. Then we went and tried Shake Shack for the first time ever. It was amazing. I see what all the hype is about now. Then i took a walk through the upper west side before getting back on the 1 train home. 

Next week we are doing a shoot for Target at Pier 59! I'm super excited.