Two weeks and three days in. So much has happened in the last week. We did a shoot with Target for a week straight, and today was the final day of it. I'm not completely sure where the final photos will end up, but I think some of them will be blown up large and placed throughout Target stores, which is really cool. We were at Pier 59 Studio's all week, which is a gorgeous studio in and of itself. I did several things whenever I was on set. I would pin up photos from the last round of images just taken so that the clients could take a look at them. I would hold up a reflector if needed. I would stand by the light packs and adjust them when necessary. And a bunch of little things here and there. But there's an idea of what my role was;  basically wherever they needed me, I was there. 

I also have to throw in that my boyfriend Tre came to visit me this past weekend! We went to Central Park on Saturday and went on a boat ride, which is something I have always wanted to do since I was younger. It was such a gorgeous day out! We walked around the park before we headed to Serendipity for dinner, which is mostly known for their huge frozen hot chocolate desserts (by the way, they are really good). On Sunday we walked around the Times Square area and had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings before I took Tre back to the bus station for his trip home. It was such a nice weekend and I am excited for the next time he comes to visit over the fourth of July!

I've been here a short amount of time and I already feel like I have learned so much. I try to ask a lot of questions when I think of any. The assistants at this shoot were so friendly and taught me a lot when it comes to assisting, which I am very appreciative of. I love the whole process of a photo shoot, even if the only think I part take in is the photographing. I love seeing models getting ready. Hair and makeup can be so fun to watch. Styling is also something I could see myself getting into; being the person that decides what outfit the model should wear and make sure it looks good when shooting it. The overall feel of a shoot with such great people is what really makes me love this industry. I know it is not an easy one to be in, but I love it so much and wouldn't trade my love of photography for anything.