Oh my goodness, I am finally here! I have always considered New York City to be a second home to me, and now it gets to be my home for two months! I moved in to my friend Meghan's apartment this past Saturday and it has been such a whirlwind since. A good one though. Meghan and I went adventuring Saturday to Washington Square Park, which I have never been to! It was such a beautiful day and I loved visiting a part of the city I have never seen.

On Sunday I met up with Ben and had my first NYC hot dog off of a street vendor in Bryant Park; I was so excited! It may sound gross to many people, but it was on my city bucket list. Then we went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was SO fun! They currently have this exhibit called China Through The Looking Glass. I highly recommend it if you are in to fashion/designers. They had a lot of evening gowns on display, this one being one of my favorites by Guo Pei.

Today was the first day at my internship! I am interning with Tom Schirmacher, who is a fantastic photographer and I really admire his work. He actually went to RIT for Ad Photo as well, which is so cool that I am now going through the same program he once did. It gives me hope that you really can make it as a photographer out in the real world after you graduate. I got to do some tear sheets today. By that I mean, I went through dozens of magazines that contain work photographed by Tom and rip them out to showcase them in a plastic sleeve so that we could start a binder with all of his work from magazines. It was so cool to see it all! Then I helped a little bit in retouching some photos he did for GQ, which was INSANELY awesome to even get to see them. By no means are these the final images that I edited, they were simply just for selection purposes and I did not do that much to them. But it was still fun. I really got into using the Wacom tablet while doing so, which whenever I have used in the past, I hated. I think I've been using them wrong this whole time. Oh well. They are so useful! 

I am so excited about this internship! I get to be a part of a photo shoot this Wednesday for Seventeen magazine and I am BEYOND stoked for it. It is going to be a long day but I can't wait! Check back for details about it later this week :)