Happy holidays everyone! I hope the season is treating you all well. 

I am happy to announce that I now offer retouching services! After taking several retouching courses at school and self-teaching myself some techniques, I feel ready to become a freelance retoucher. Since I am just starting out, I have not had any clients yet. So if you know anyone that may want or need images retouched, please send them my way! The images in my current retouching section are ones that I have taken. And if any of my photo friends want to send me some of their photos as a trial/for me to post on my website as retouching examples, that would be lovely. 

It is so nice to be home! It has been one hectic semester and I am so happy to relax for a bit. I'll be heading out to Rochester for Christmas eve and then coming back to Albany on Christmas day with Tre. Then a week or so after Christmas we are off to Disney World. I can't wait! I am definitely thinking about bringing my polaroid camera along this break wherever I go; I have not shot with it in a month or two. 

I updated my personal section on here to a recent shoot I did that is very different from what I normally shoot. I wanted to make nude images that are not just "pretty". In fact, I kind of wanted the opposite. I wanted harsh shadows and contrasty photos. I wanted to try and see if I could make the body abstract with poses and with my lighting. I love how these photos came out in the end. Constructive criticism is appreciated!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! <3