Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

I hope November has been treating you well! On my end it has, but also super busy! Plus, it has barely snowed in Rochester yet, which is always a plus for me. 

My editorial class is slowly wrapping up on the production end of things for the magazine we make, Positive Negative. Last weekend was production day, where we spent about 17 hours in the labs putting the entire thing together. It was a long but successful day. For the rest of the class we are doing proof tests of the magazine and tying up some loose ends all together. We have a release party during finals week and I am ecstatic to see the final outcome of what we have been working so hard on all semester. 

As for light control, I need to start making a treatment for my final project. I feel a little lost because I am not too sure what I want to do yet, but I need to start working on it asap. One idea I had was to do crazy makeup/close up beauty shots with very contrasty lighting and unusual angles, something similar to the photo below.

But I wanted more than one idea, so I did some research to try and find some new fashion photographers whose work might inspire me. And then I came across this diptych by Solve Sundsbo. I LOVE the intensity of the colors and the surreal aspect. Maybe I could do something similar to this.

If anyone has any photographers they are crazy inspired by, let me know! I would love to keep researching and getting inspired. 

Have a great holiday break :)